Jaded Chronicles: Gratification

How do I forget the pain that’s become a part of my being
How do I let go of the anger that’s become my shield

Years have passed and now you’re back
On your knees seeking forgiveness
Forgive you for taking my love and toying with it
Forgive you for taking all I could give and stealing what I wouldn’t
Forgive you for ripping out my heart and trampling on it
Forgive you for destroying my soul and plunging me into despair
Forgive you for ravishing my body and leaving it broken
I’ve dreamt of this day, when you’d come back begging
And thought it would be enough payment but I realise it is not

I want you to know the pain that lives in me and know it intimately
I want the sorrow that clouds my heart to be the blood in your veins
I want despair to be your companion and lover
I want the darkness to eat deep into your soul until nothing is left but the husk that is your body
I want your spirit broken and your pride torn to pieces
I want the beast within released
I want it to devour all you know and love
I want you to seek the cold embrace of the grave and have it reject you
I want you to swim in the pool of suffering and drown in the sea of torture
Then you can ask for my forgiveness
This will not make me happy
But it will make you miserable and that makes me less so
This is the price of my forgiveness…


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